• BFD all dayer- Spawn of disgust, much more

  • Sat, 01-06-2019 at 15:00
  • The 1 in 12 Club Bradford
    21-23 Albion St.
    BD1 2LY City of Bradford
BFD all dayer- Spawn of disgust, much more - The 1 in 12 Club Bradford - Bradford

SPAWN OF DISGUST - brutal German beatdown.https://spawnofdisgust.bandcamp.com Ruthless GHC - GHC Beatdown.https://ruthlessghc.bandcamp.comBACK DOWN - Heavy metallic Hardcore from Bristol.https://backdownukhc.bandcamp.com/ Gassed Up - Everyones favourite Grime/Hardcore crossover from Preston returns to BFD bring the bars that hit harder than shots from Mike Tyson.https://gassedup.bandcamp.com Street Soldier - The hardcore sensation sweeping the nation, if you've ever been bullied and are still seething with murderous rage then this is the band for you.https://streetsoldier.bandcamp.com Fight till dust - BFD house band.https://fighttilldust.bandcamp.comCheapshot - NEHC Beatdown.https://cheapshothc.bandcamp.comSwarms UK- Brand spanking new Beatdown Hardcore from the North east. https://m.facebook.com/swarmsnortheastTrench knife -https://m.facebook.com/Trench-Knife-227632834792153/ New BFD band, sure you'll know more about them by the time of the show.Death penalty- SCHC Death metal/Beatdown https://m.facebook.com/Deathpenaltyhc-823476314673574/£10 ADV/ OTD.Not to be missed.