• Bonfire Night

  • Sat, 09-11-2019 at 17:00
  • Horton Community Farm
    Cecil Avenue Allotments
    BD7 3BW City of Bradford
Bonfire Night - Horton Community Farm - Bradford

Join us for a merry evening on the farm with good folk, food and fire!Donations: Any contributions on the day are welcome and will go towards food at the event and helping the Horton Community Farm project continue to regenerate Cecil Avenue Allotments.Provided: Some baked spuds and chilli, first come first served, (in addition to whatever the bring n share provides), hot drinks, juice for children.Bring n share: Feel free to just bring yourself but if you can contribute food (other than chilli), cake, booze, soft drinks or anything else, that would be doubley awesome.Got waste wood? Any waste wood would really help extend the fun! Solid wood only please. No MDF. You can dump it over the wall next to the red shipping container any time before the evening of Sat 9th Nov.Location: Enter from Cecil Avenue through the gate near the shipping containers in the bottom corner of the allotments approx 30 meters after house 26. Postode BD7 3BW. If you haven't been recently, this is a new gate.Toilet: The toilet is at the top of the site a couple of mins walk from the fire.Torch: Useful to bring one as most sections of the allotments away from the fire will be very dark.Weather: If it's consistently raining more than a very light drizzle the fire will take place the following Saturday 16th Nov.