• Dj Toro and Guest DJs Carnival Season Special

  • Sat, 08-02-2020 at 23:00
  • Ivory Bar
    210 Thornton Road
    BD1 2Jn City of Bradford
Dj Toro and Guest DJs Carnival Season Special - Ivory Bar - Bradford

Trinidad 🇹🇹 Dominica 🇩🇲 Carriacou 🇬🇩 Carnival Special Edition and the recent St Kitts 🇰🇳 Sugar MasWe did this Carnival themed event same time last year and we doing it again. This is not a Soca fete but a full representation of Caribbean music and culture in a party This is the best monthly Caribbean Vibe in Bradford that fully runs all styles of Caribbean music,Come out and enjoy Reggae / Soca / Dancehall and more !!!!!!!!Always ah sweet vibeDoh matter what ever on in Bradford we done know Ivory will be ram like alwaysBradford’s No1 Caribbean Night with the Mad Bull Dj Toro and guest DJGet in before 1am to get in FREE !!!!!!Saving your money to buy drinks !!!!!!