• How To Make Your Music Pay

  • Mon, 29-10-2018 at 18:00
  • Delius Arts & Cultural Centre
    29 Great Horton Road
    BD7 1AA City of Bradford
How To Make Your Music Pay - Delius Arts & Cultural Centre - Bradford

Join PRS for Music and an expert panel of experienced music industry professionals, who have hands on experience from across the music industry including Management, Publishing, Composing, Funding, and, of course, PRS.Event details:6:00pm - Doors Open6:30pm – 7:30pm: How To Manage Your PRS AccountThe workshop is intended for PRS for Music members and potential members, and will take you through key areas of our website, explaining the essential functions you will need to carry out to get the most out of your PRS membership.The topics we will be covering are:An overview of UK collection societies (PRS, MCPS and PPL)PRS for Music OverviewPRS for Music Website OverviewHow to Register or amend WorksHow to Search our Works DatabaseHow to Report Performance UsageHow to Claim Unpaid Royalties8.00pm – 9.15pm: Panel – How To Make Your Music PayEvolution or revolution, the music industry is changing. Maybe you’re self-releasing or helping a mate book some live shows, managing your own band or managing someone else’s, handling the socials or building a promo campaign, writing the songs, creating the beats, sitting in the studio or running around on stage, whatever you’re doing, it’s crucial that you understand the way the industry works. Otherwise how can you make it work for you?This panel will be discussing topics such as the importance of locking down your business, understanding and protecting your rights and the various ways making music can make an income.Panellists:Hannah Trigwell (Songwriter)Andy Farrow (Northern Music)Elizabeth Sills (PRS Foundation)Matt Wanstall (Musicians’ Union)9:15pm – 10:00pm - NetworkingThe evening closes with a networking session.This event is free to attend and open to PRS for Music members and non-members, but numbers are limited so please ensure you book a space if you wish to attend.We look forward to seeing you there!The Education & Outreach Team

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