• Bad Squiddo Beers 2019

  • Sat, 01-06-2019 at 14:00
  • NECBirmingham
    The National Exhibition Centre
    B40 1NT Birmingham
Bad Squiddo Beers 2019 - NECBirmingham - Birmingham

The annual Bad Squiddo chums, customers and associates meet! Held in the Wetherspoons next to the main hall at UK Game Expo (if it is mega rammed we may move outside, if so there will be posters up), it's basically a turn up and hang out.Beer is optional, it just rhymes! The place serves non alcoholic hot and cold beverages, as well as harder stuff.The idea is that at trade shows we never get a chance to properly chat as selling (pesky selling) gets in the way. We're not trading at UK Games Expo for a few years, so until then, Annie will be going as a punter to schmooze, hang out, and generally have a bit of a chill - ie not be stressed running a stand!If you see Annie out and about the rest of the day and want to chat Squiddo or just say hi - please do!This meet up at 2pm in the Wetherspoons on Saturday 1st June, is as informal as it gets. Just come on over and hang out. If you have anything you want to ask or chat about, it's a great chance. Also a great chance to meet fellow online chums you may have made through the connected social media accounts such as Baggy's Cave.The timing is listed until 3pm but can carry on as long as there are people about.Just Annie confirmed but we'll see who else we can get along too nearer the date who is connected to Bad Squiddo (casters or sculptors etc) for you to pick their brains too. Drop in and out, no need to stay the whole hour, but if you want to - great!There will be cool things to peek at, gossip to share, and MAYBE SOME FREEBIES. Last year we had free beer, but it's dependent on funds and number of attendees! so MAYBE! Free beer!* hehe.If you wish to pick up any orders (either existing or to place after) this should be possible too, either at this meet or from a pre arranged trade chum of Squeedo.Let's have fun!