• Friday Night Light

  • Fri, 28-08-2020 at 19:30
  • The Warehouse Cafe
    54-57 Allison Street
    B5 5TH Birmingham
Friday Night Light - The Warehouse Cafe - Birmingham

Friday Night LightThe Monthly Kizomba Chill Out Event7.45pm ABSOLUTE Beginners class - Introduce a friend!8.15pm OPEN LEVEL Kizomba Class9.00pm - Midnight(ish) Party with Guests +DJ'sRelax, Eat, Drink and Dance Spend your Friday Night Right.****************ETHOS: Dance With Soul enjoys building community and creating spaces for people to come together. It is non dancer friendly so you can bring friends from work or wherever without them feeling left out at the side!If you want to do something but not have a super late night then this is ideal for you. Chill out and catch up with friends, talk in an environment where you can hear each other as well as dance together.Did I mention good food... and a selection of awesome beverages?There will be mostly Kizomba but there will be a sprinkle of other flavours too. There will be space to eat and chill and space to dance.Are you ready for something different?Entry: Simply £5