• Orchards / Petrie / Lauren Hoyle (Hare & Hounds, Birmingham)

  • Wed, 02-09-2020 at 19:30
  • Hare & Hounds Kings Heath
    Hare & Hounds
    B14 7JZ Birmingham
Orchards / Petrie / Lauren Hoyle (Hare & Hounds, Birmingham) - Hare & Hounds Kings Heath - Birmingham

This date has been rescheduled to Wednesday 2nd September 2020. All tickets remain valid for the new date.Birmingham Promoters presents:ORCHARDS + PETRIE + LAUREN HOYLEAges 14+ (Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult) www.birminghampromoters.com---------“The band’s whip-smart math-pop is all glistening surface and immediate melody, but beneath this chrome-plated chassis lies a complex rhythmic engine” – ClashBrighton quartet Orchards today announce details of their long-awaited debut album Lovecore, which will be released on 13th March via Big Scary Monsters. The band today also share their new single ‘Sincerely Overwhelmed’, a song that explores coming to terms with the fact you might not be handling difficult times as well as you think you are. About their debut album, Orchards say: “It’s our statement, a flag in the ground letting people know we’re here and this is exactly what we’re all about. It’s the product of years of touring, meeting new people, hard times, good times, loss, friendships and growth. We’re starting a party and everyones invited”.Lovecore is a lifetime in the making for Orchards, written crammed into drummer Will’s bedroom after working 9-6 days, on lunch breaks, on tour – in every spare second the band had. Their debut album is bursting with their signature Orchards sound, with a heavy focus on killer melodies and singer Lucy’s heartfelt poetic lyrical outpourings centred around her experience with loss, mental health struggles, the environment and relationships. To pre-order Lovecore and be in with the chance of winning one of 50 pairs of tickets to an exclusive release party (along with other goodies), head to www.bsmrocks.com.WATCH: https://youtu.be/YpF-XDXRwDw----------Few artists can thank a petty scrap outside a club for the creative spark for their music, but forPetrie - it might have been divine intervention.The alt-pop duo, comprised of George and Better Laurence were working on their first bit of music in Laurie’s garage in the summer of 2015 - the tune was there, but the lyrics were still some way off.“ We went to go pick up some friends of ours at a club in Brighton” vocalist George explains and that's when a fight broke out, with the pair trying to protect their friends. Nothing too serious, thankfully, but that incident inadvertently sparked a brainwave when they got back to the studio.“Lyrically, our stuff is very much based on that event. So that was the start of Petrie really, and all it took was a stiletto around the head!”By that event, they don’t mean fighting- but club culture in general. Something that they frequently talk about in their songs- including on ‘Slurs’, a slice of whomping electronica with subtle lyrical observations on male aggression and entitlement in clubs. “Some of it is a little snark at club culture” Better Laurence one half of the duo explains. “We do go to these places, but we come out feeling like an observer. We’re writing club music from a completely different sense.”WATCH: https://youtu.be/H2llpc5VU---------Lauren Hoyle is a singer-songwriter from Birmingham. Previously a one woman band, her debut single ‘Paramita’ delivers a full band bold and lively sound with gorgeous harmonies and catchy choruses. Lauren passionately tells raw and personal stories of friends, love and people she has met along the way. Her heartfelt live performances are energetic, enthralling and charming.WATCH: https://youtu.be/UvRw-oo19r0