• Peep

  • Mon, 27-07-2020 at 19:30
  • Stryx
    Unit 13
    B5 5RS Birmingham
Peep - Stryx - Birmingham

Join Darryl this week for his Peep@Stryx residency!Taking as an inspiration, The Artist Placement Group (APG), which actively sought to reposition the role of the artist, beyond the gallery, and within a wider social context, stating that, “context is half the work”. Georgiou will be sampling ‘fragments and out-takes’ of his ‘work in progress’, including projects and portfolios: past, present, and future. His research and projects often involve a collaborative partnership with Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou, as artist duo @GeorgiouTolley. In 2018 they set up @ArtsLabInternational a studio/laboratory, for collaborative art projects. artslabinternational.comDarryl Georgiou is an artist, educator, curator, and occasional ‘picture editor’ with over 30 years experience of postgraduate practice, and research in fine art, new media, photography, film, and design teaching. He is currently an Associate Professor of Media Arts at CU, and is a studio holder, grappling with the role of the arts, design, and humanities in the ‘new normal’.Georgiou believes in #ART as: #Collaboration #Identity #Resistance. He is interested in where and how things connect, change, and transform. During this residency, he muses on art that re-negotiates the #Archive and ‘how places feel’, (Genius loci). His research reflects on the subject of cultural memory, through #Image #Sound #Photography #MovingImage #Film and #SoundArt #RenegotiatingTheArchive #NoSuchThingAsAnInnocentPhotograph #ArtistPlacementGroup #ArtAndLanguage #SociallyEngagedPractice👀Catch him at work from Tuesday 28/7 - Thursday 30/7 at 7:30 pm, with a series of ‘sneaky peek’ sessions streamed on our Instagram page! https://www.instagram.com/stryx_gallery