• Exhailers - Abyssal Orbit EP Launch W/ Mutes and PJJ

  • Sat, 13-07-2019 at 19:00
  • The Flapper
    Kingston Row
    B1 2NU Birmingham
Exhailers - Abyssal Orbit EP Launch W/ Mutes and PJJ - The Flapper - Birmingham

We are Exhailers; a three-headed apeoid gestating in the cosmic womb. Exuding glistening melodies, lurching riffs and laments to being lost in space. This July we release our debut EP. Our excitement is palpable. We've sat on this far too long. Let us transmute our excitement to you via osmosis and wiggly air waves please?The Abyssal Orbit EP is an exotic elevation in the rhythm of the heart; a floating invitation into non-existence; a melding soup of fuzz and bliss and other utter befuddlements; a call for the rapture of mundanity; an intergalactic exhibition; a delirious experience; an extra-terrestrial testicle.--SUPPORT---------------------------------------Mutes 'Mutes specialise in a particular type of ravenous, ruinous and messy krautrock, unfurling layer upon layer of grungy post-punk with a gloriously headache-inducing intensity’- Birmingham Wire.https://open.spotify.com/track/0BHizKGEdqRhoOTf7XHAmQ?si=IJ68bln8RWW-sNtSvoVWBAPJJ https://soundcloud.com/pjjbanduk/a-sunny-day-at-the-harbour-demoMore TBA----------------------------------------------------