• Kira Noire and Evgengy Greshilov Workshops

  • Sun, 12-07-2020 at 10:00
  • K Pole
    Radway Rd
    B90 4NR Birmingham
Kira Noire and Evgengy Greshilov Workshops - K Pole - Birmingham

The amazing powerhouse couple Kira Noire and Evgeny Greshnilov are coming back to K pole this July!travelling over from Russia to teach 2 amazing workshops each! you do NOT want to miss the opportunity to learn from these guys!workshop 1 CRAZY RUSSIAN POLE with Kira 10am-11.30amAll about flips, kips, drops, crazy transitions and my favourite crazy combos. How to make it look big, dynamic, wide and impressive. Level: higher intermediate +Workshop 2 Contemporary pole choreography with Kira 11.45am-1.15pmKira's signature pole choreography without heels.Mix of different dance styles, quirky floor work, low tricks, emotions, and the music. Twist it all around the pole to express ourselves in creating. Level: ALL LEVELSWorkshop 3 Low Flow Pole with Evgeny 1.30pm-3.00pmIn this workshop we are going to be doing a lot of floor work.Combining low level tricks in short combos and master all of them in a flow. ALL LEVELSWorkshop 4 Pole tricks and transitions with Evgeny3.15pm-4.45pmThis class is focussed on signature tricks, creative transitions and unique combos on the pole. Different types of spins from the graceful and elegant, to powerful and innovative. Level: Higher intermediate +All workshops are priced at £52 each to book your space a non refundable deposit of £30 needs to be sent to us via paypal as FRIENDS AND FAMILY to kpoleshirley@hotmail.comBalance due in full by May 31st.Please message to book

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