• Auditions : Pressure by David Haig

  • Sun, 14-07-2019 at 14:00
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Auditions : Pressure by David Haig - The Crescent Theatre - Birmingham

Performance Dates 19th - 26th October 2019Audition DatesSunday, 14 July 2pm Audition Wednesday, 17 July 7.30pm Audition Thursday, 18 July 7.30pm Call backs (if required) Rehearsals Rehearsals will start on Sunday 11th August and will generally follow a Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday pattern. The schedule is attached. Please check the dates and your availability.About the Play‘Seven thousand vessels, one hundred and sixty thousand ground troops, two hundred thousand Naval personnel, fifteen hospital ships, eight thousand doctors, four airborne divisions. The biggest amphibious landing in history. And let me tell you, every piece of the jigsaw is in place. Every man and woman is ready and waiting. There’s no more to learn. It’s time to run with the ball. But...there is still one uncertainty, one imponderable that can stop this thing happening...that’s why I’ve put you in this room.’ (Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower to James Stagg)Friday 2nd June 1944. 3 days until D-Day, the planned invasion of France that will hopefully bring an end to the second world war. Thousands of troops are ready, waiting for the go-ahead from General Eisenhower. But there is one thing that could threaten the success of the whole mission and lead to catastrophic loss of life...the British weather, and getting the forecast right is essential. This excellent play is set in the makeshift weather room at the Allied Expeditionary Forces HQ. Chief meteorologist Dr James Stagg is faced with the unenviable task of getting the D-Day weather forecast right. Pitted against him is Irving P. Krick, American celebrity weatherman who predicts that June 5th will be a sunny calm day whereas Stagg foresees force 7 winds and 12 foot waves across the channel. Tensions abound as the two weathermen disagree. As D-Day approaches Eisenhower and his Commanders-in-Chief need a decision and under enormous pressure, both personal and military, it is Stagg’s job to convince them that his prediction is correct.About the Production and AuditionsThis is a moving, tense, funny and inspiring play which I am really looking forward to putting together. If you don’t know the play, I can guarantee that once you have read the script you will love it as much as I do. I am looking for a cast of around 7/8 as I will probably double some of the smaller parts. I have put the suggested doubling below in the casting information. This is a play based on real events and we will play it naturalistically. There are scenes of enormous tension with emotions running high, alongside scenes of tenderness and humour, so there is plenty for actors to get their teeth into. Please read the character descriptions below for more information. AuditionsThe auditions will be a traditional read-through of scenes from the play. I do not need anyone to prepare anything before the audition but you may like to read through the proposed audition scripts beforehand to familiarise yourself. As the characters are based on real people, I will need to hear appropriate accents at the auditions. If necessary there will be call backs for Stagg, Ike and Kay (possibly Krick). CASTBelow is a description of the characters. I’ve put a playing age alongside the character’s real age at the time of D-Day (if known)CENTRAL CHARACTERSDr James Stagg. Scottish. Chief meteorological Officer for the Allied Forces. Playing age 40 - 60s (43). MA direct, plain-speaking Scot and excellent meteorologist. He knows his stuff but is plagued with doubt and the pressure of making the right decision. He also has a personal concern that threatens to affect his judgement. At first he comes across as brusque and rude, but by the end of the play we are all cheering for him. Appears in every scene. A wonderful central role which requires a strong emotional range.Ike. General Dwight D. Eisenhower. American. Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force. Playing age 40 - 60s (54).MUltimately responsible for giving the go ahead for D.Day. A forceful and commanding presence but not without a soft side. A many faceted role. He has a recurring knee injury which affects him at points throughout the play. Aware of the enormity of the decision he has to make. Appears in all but one scene. A powerhouse of a role.Kay Summersby. Irish (British accent fine). Ike’s chauffeur, aide and confidante. Playing age 20s - 40s. (35). F Warm-hearted and clear-sighted. She has been at Ike’s side throughout the war and, we come to realise, is in love with him. She is the link between Ike and Stagg. At first she is taken aback by Stagg’s directness, but her respect and admiration for him grows throughout the play. She is strong and determined and plays a key role in helping Stagg deal with the pressures he is under.Appears in all but one scene. A lovely role on many levels.Irving P. Krick. M. American. Chief Meteorologist for the American Armed Forces. Stagg’s second-in-command. Playing age 30s - 50s (48). MA celebrity weatherman who has had many previous successes in predicting the weather for military operations. At odds with Stagg’s approach to weather prediction, resulting in arguments and impasse between them. Described in the play as ‘Though a trained pianist, with a degree in physics, he was essentially a salesman’. Brash and confidant. In 5 of the 9 scenes.Andrew. Junior Air Force Officer. British. Playing age 18 - 30. M.Stagg’s assistant. He helps Stagg put together the synoptic weather charts and takes information from the weather ships. Greatly admires Stagg. In 5 of 9 scenes.Other CharactersCommanders-in-Chief. Playing age (40s - 60s) M. In 2 key scenes.Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory. British. C-in-C Allied Air Force. Admiral Sir Bertram ‘Bertie’ Ramsay. British. C-in-C Allied Naval Force.General ‘Tooey’ Spaatz. American. Commander US Air Force in Europe. Vocal in his opinions. Distrusts Stagg’s prediction. Supports Krick.Other Military Personnel (minor parts) MCommander Colin FranklinLieutenant David BattersbyCaptain JohnsNaval RatingElectricianSecretary/Aide (non-speaking) F/MPossible DoublingSpaatz/FranklinBattersby/JohnsBertie/ElectricianPlease visit the auditions page of The Crescent Theatre website to download audition scripts and a copy of the full rehearsal schedule. If you have any questions about the play or auditions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or Jackie. Karen Leadbetter, Directorkarenleadbetter10@gmail.comJackie Blackwood, PAjackieblackwood1@btinternet.com