• Birmingham: K-POP Workshop UK Tour(With Theo Song)

  • Fri, 09-08-2019 at 17:45
  • DanceXchange
    Level 5
    B5 4TB Birmingham
Birmingham: K-POP Workshop UK Tour(With Theo Song) - DanceXchange - Birmingham

K-POP Choreography WorkshopWith Theo Song, K-POP Choreographer & DancerDATE: 9th AUG 201918:00 - 19:30 BEGINNER SESSION10 mins Stretching10 mins Basic Dance steps1 hour Theo Song's Choreography10 mins Group Choreography10mins Q&A20:00 - 21:30 CHOREO SESSION1 hour 20 mins Theo Song's Choreography10 mins Group Choreography10mins Q&APLEASE SEND ENQUIRIES TOkoreanboywk@gmail.comAbout Theo Song (https://www.instagram.com/hyeonseeeok_/)TV shows and MVBTS/ MAMAMOO/ 4minute/ EXID/ Jeon So Yeon(I -DLE)/ BEAST,Jang Hyun-Seung/ SS501 ,Park Jung MinBESTie/ MAP6/ Rothy/ Lee Kook Joo/ KPOP STAR/ Show 음악중심 (mc special stage)/ SNL KoreaCLON/ Chae Yeon/ ADailyCONCERT2018 BTS CONCERT “LOVE YOURSELF” world tour in Seoul2018 Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang opening ceremony2018 MAMAMOO CONCERT “4season” S/S in Seoul2018 MAMAMOO CONCERT “4season” S/S Taiwan, HongKong2017 MAMAMOO CONCERT "Curtain Call" Seoul, BusanMAMAMOO SOLAR SOLO CONCERT “Blossom” Seoul, BusanMamamoo Moon Byul solo Fanmeeting “Byul Cafe”Park Jung min Latin American tour “ Summer Break”Unpretty rap star vol.3 Concert nationwide tourBrown Eyed Girls ConcertCommercialKB BANK/ Velosrer - Hyundai/ Snow app - Naver/ 안국건강/ Volkswagen/ YOGIYOTraining and Choreography-Choreography & Directing “힘을내요 미스터리” Movie-MAMAMOO Moon Byul solo “Selfish” joint choreography-MAMAMOO Concert co- Choreography (RBW.ent)-MAMAMOO Awards co-choreography (RBW.ent)-EXID Awards co-choreography (banana.ent)-YouTube Fanfest Korea Stage choreography & directing-dance lessons and directing idolm@ster Kr acting cast (IMX Ent)-Real Girls Project choreography training I(MX Ent)-Real Girls Project unit ‘B-side’ choreography training & MV directing (IMX Ent)-C9 entertainment trainee training-Beaty Creator -Risabeab dance training-Shin Ji Hoon lesson (cube.ent)-Cross Gene choreography lesson (Amusekr.ent)-Chinese girl group” YEP Girl’s “ choreography lesson-African TV Awards stage choreography-modern k workshop-Paris Kpop dance workshop-Spain workshop (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia)-London workshop