• Learn Shag in a Day

  • Sat, 18-05-2019 at 14:00
  • Moseley School Health & Fitness Centre
    Springfield Rd
    B13 9LR Birmingham
Learn Shag in a Day - Moseley School Health & Fitness Centre - Birmingham

The Swing Era invites you to come and learn to dance the Shag!This fun, upbeat style of swing dancing started in the 1920s in the African Amerivcan community in the Carolinas and spread through the USA in the 1930s. This partnered dance is danced to uptempo swing music and uses a "slow, slow, quick, quick" pattern in the footwork.Join us for this fantastic opportunity to learn the basics of this very fun, energetic dance in a day! You will learn the basic footwork, hold, posture and moves, so you will be able to social dance shag to fast swing music.TicketsBalanced couple ticket (non gender specific): £50Single ticket: £30