• Level 2, Game (Weds)

  • Wed, 17-07-2019 at 19:00
  • The Highbury Pub
    Dads Lane
    B13 8PQ Birmingham
Level 2, Game (Weds) - The Highbury Pub - Birmingham

LEVEL 2, FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE COMPLETED LEVEL ONE OR DISCUSSED PRIOR TRAINING WITH US BEFORE BOOKING. Fat Penguin Improvised Comedy Training Centre is Birmingham's home for Chicago style long form Improv, and we take comedy very seriously. Whatever your reasons for joining us, we are more than qualified to look after you. We have got your back.Improvised comedy is not making things up as you go along, it is a very deliberate process, with specific techniques that gets results. So whats in the course?If I put my hand on a hot frying pan I wouldn’t need to ask myself the question ‘should I pull my hand away?’ it would happen immediately and involuntarily, it’s not my choice - in a sense 'I' didn't pull my hand away. There are mechanisms in our brains that are beyond our control, our workshops will teach you how to: ✅ Understand what laughter is from an evolutionary point of view✅ Learn to accurately predict when people will laugh ✅ Cultivate the conditions that are necessary for laughter.✅ Quickly gain rapport with your audience✅ Find your very own authentic 'voice' ✅ Level the playing field with those who possess 'natural ability'On each of our intensive workshops, we promise to deliver:⭐ 9 weekly workshops (2 hours each)⭐ Membership in our private Mastermind group chat to ask any questions you might think of. ⭐ Professional instructors⭐ Handouts of our complete syllabus after each workshop ⭐ Individual written feedback and guidance on your progress⭐ FREE tickets for friends and family to watch you perform on the 10th week. TESTIMONIALS‪'The future of comedy' ‬‪'Helped me as a comedy writer'‬'Ability to get the best out of everyone''I've made some wonderful friends''Excellent training''Life changing''I feel bullet proof'Check out the frequently asked questions here:https://www.fatpenguinimprov.com/faqsMEETING EVERY WEDNESDAY FROM 7-9 FOR 10 WEEKSFOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BOOK YOUR PLACE EMAIL US NOW info@fatpenguinimprov.com