• Focus Arts Gallery

  • Fri, 31-07-2020 at 11:00
  • 1000 Trades
    16 Frederick Street
    B1 3HE Birmingham
Focus Arts Gallery - 1000 Trades - Birmingham

Core Collective Art are delighted to be returning for summer 2020, bring along new artists who not shown at 1000 Trades before so it will be a great chance for visitors to meet the artists in June and chat about their art.Will be a great opportunity to get to know the artist and why not pick up our handout for contact details & follow the Core Collective Art events around the city. Come along enjoy a drink & a meal while enjoying looking at the art on show.Here in an brief introduction of the artists you will see showing here . Paula Gabb,Paula has been showing Our Lady story travels of Jewellery Quarter & Birmingham since 2016. Paula is excited once more to be returning to 1000 Trades with new art of the Jewellery Quarter. Paula hopes to meet you during the exhibition. But in the meantime why not pop along to Pig & Tail to view art of the Jewellery Quarter or buy art of Digbeth at the Woodman on New Canal St. In Nov 2020 Paula will be having a debut of Solo Art Exhibition held at Gunmakers Arms look out where else her up & coming Solo Art Exhibitions taking place with brand new art never seen before by Paula. Paula had successful art Exhibitions since 2016 around Birmingham, Sollihull. Her artwork has also traveled outside the UK Showing with Ort Gallery,, Zoe OakleyZoe is returning once more at 1000 Trades you will recall her work before in Nov - Jan 2020. View Zoe fantasy paintings Now you chance to view new artwork for a second time at 1000 Trades & take away her oil paintings by Zoe. Along with showing at 1000 Trades Zoe has also shown in Solihull Gallery in 2019 & at Gunmakers Arms, with Core Collective Art. Zoe is established artist showing her work around the West Midlands. Carolina Arlbuhnot Carol is excited to be showing for her 1st time at 1000 Trades and you may have seen her beautiful landscapes along with her love story of animals paintings on display in Solihull. where she regularly has her paintings on display in Eton Gallery Touchwood Solihull. Along with showing at Urban Cafe & Gunmakers Arms, including Solihull Gallery & in Moseley village with the Core Collective Art. Carol is establish artist selling & showing around the West Midlands. Emma Sibbing Emma also will be her 1st time showing at 1000 Trades. You may recall seeing her beautiful landscapes at Brown Lion in Jewellery Quarter, and at Gunmakers Arms, Moseley a few years ago. Excited that you will get chance to view & buy her art. Emma will surprise you with her skill at painting nature along with her landscapes. Emma has been showing her work successfully around Solihull.Tye Forde Tye also his 1st time showing at 1000 Trades a well establish artist in his own right. Tye a Pop Artist, sculptor has been showing his art around Birmingham including Digbeth in 2019. You may have visited his own Art Exhibitions during 2019. In December Tye 1st showed with the Core Collective Art at Gunmakers Arms, now is your chance to feast your eyes on his artwork. You will be surprised what Tye will be showing at the venue.If you enjoyed looking at the artwork why not pop along and meet the artists on 18 June from 4.30 till 8.00 Pick up our handout from the venue for details of the artists alng with following our next art exhibition held at the Gunmakers Arms on Bath St Bham with a hew collection of artists work.Follow us on Facebook & Twitter.Core CollectivesFor news of our up & coming events.Why not contact us on our Facebook page to arrange to meet the artist to buy directly off them at the venue.