• Vault Balfolk Workshops - Folk Dance Lessons

  • Thu, 15-08-2019 at 19:30
  • Vault Artist Studios
    4-84 Tower Street
    BT5 4FH Belfast
Vault Balfolk Workshops - Folk Dance Lessons - Vault Artist Studios - Belfast

Our amazing intern Ylenia is running a series of dance workshops here at Vault for the next 11 weeks. Here's the lowdown:What is Balfolk?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09p2maUCg8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtfphvRAPoAbout the WorkshopBalfolk is the best dance experience due to its non-competitive nature and focus on sharing and fun.This workshop will give you the freedom to dance in a way that is not restrictive and that allows you to understand yourself and your inner rhythm, and the possibilities of your own body. I will also share my passion for learning to dance with a partner, and the experience of a group breathing together and in unison with the instrument’s notes. You will learn not just the steps, but the energy of dancing in a group.This workshop will not just be a dance lesson but will be an opportunity for people to share the beauty of dance, and to both learn from and transform the traditions of folk dance. This workshop is beginner friendly but will also be great for more experienced dancers. Come and learn new dances, improve your abilities, meet new people, and the discover the power of BALFOLK!I’ll be waiting for you at the fabulous Vault Artist Studios. Our first date will be Thursday 25th of July, and the adventure will continue for 11 weekly lessons. Please note that the dance studio at Vault Artist Studios is located on the 2nd floor. The building does not have a lift, so this event will not be suitable for people with limited mobility.We respect the environment so please bring a water bottle! We also respect people so bring your personality!About YleniaYlenia was born in Italy in the small but pretty city of Udine. She has theatrical training and experience from age 13, from the theatre academy city of Trieste, and has participated in theatre and local arts events with many different groups.She has also studied and worked in the social sector especially with people with disabilities and is a firm believer in the therapeutic power of theatre and dance in sharing the experiences and value that every person brings to society.Ylenia’s journey in dance started with ballroom and Latin dancing and then she discovered her passion for folk and world music and dance.She is the proud co-founder of the Udinfolk Balfolk group in Italy, and has also DJ’d at Balfolk nights in Portugal.She has also expanded her knowledge and experience by travelling and sharing dance and music with people from all over the world.Ylenia also loves to play percussion and diatonic accordion. In Belfast, Ylenia is now excited to discover the traditions of this mystic country and its dance, music and arts secrets!Do you have any questions? Please don’t be shy and contact me at ylenja@msn.comPrice: £6 per week adults / £4 per week students / Discounted tickets available when booking for all 11 sessionsOver 18