• ALOE VERA : The Superfood

  • Sat, 15-06-2019 at 14:00
  • Vault Artist Studios
    4-84 Tower Street
    BT5 4FH Belfast
ALOE VERA : The Superfood - Vault Artist Studios - Belfast

Can you eat that?Yes you can. Most known as a the plant used to treat sunburns, it has been assigned to topical use in the most part.However, Aloe vera is a SUPERFOOD, rich in nutrients with more than 75 potentially active compounds, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids and polysaccharides. It is practically a complete food. It is safe to eat, mild in taste, with a crunchy texture, it is perfect for adding to many dishes least not mention your summer salads.We are delighted to be joined by Mayella Almazan, a native of Mexico and among many things, a wonderful propagator of this lucious plant. We will learn the benefits of this plant and a variety of uses we enjoy at the CLUB. We have carefully crafted a digestive tonic for you to sample. Mayella will have plants/single leaves for sale.