• Module 5 & 6 - Egyptian Folk I & II- Gawazee & Mwashahat Style

  • Sun, 25-08-2019 at 10:15
  • Shakti Wellness Studio
    12 Lockview Road
    BT9 5FJ Belfast
Module 5 & 6 - Egyptian Folk I & II- Gawazee & Mwashahat Style - Shakti Wellness Studio - Belfast

In this event we will cover two modules in one, we will cover Gawazee style as well as Mwashahat. Completely different energies to be experienced in one day Schedule: 10.15-4.15pmLunch - 1hr Cost: £40 for one workshop or £60 for both Dalida is an amazing Egyptian teacher and here her wee bio: DALIDA BIOGRAPHY:Egyptian performer teacher and choreographer. She began her career as a teacher in Italy in Milan, where she taught for 7 years in numerous schools. Later she moved to Cairo and began her career as a dancer and professional teacher at one of the most prestigious festivals in Cairo, the Nile Group Festival.Currently established in Cairo, where she works with her personal live orchestra: her performances are on cruise ships - the Nile Cruise Boats - restaurants, hotels, weddings.Despite the work in Cairo, she wanted to maintain the contact with Italy, where she started her own Festival of Oriental Dance and Egyptian Culture, the "Kan ya Makan Festival" (which in Arabic means "Once upon a time") , and held twice a year.She is hosted as a dancer, teacher and competition judger at numerous international festivals.During her lectures the goal is to transmit the Egyptian technique as much as the interpretation, strongly linked both to the technique and to the culture of the people from which this dance comes, the Egyptian people.Her intent is to give a compact contribution to the Egyptian dance in the West, by teaching egyptian culture in the first place, which is an integral part of the dance. You cannot dance oriental dance correctly, without possessing adequate historical and cultural knowledge, without knowing the roots of this dance, now widespread all over the world and from which numerous contamination with other styles was born!For more info just email us at bellydancecraft@gmail.com