• BBF 2019: The Fantastical Mirror: Science Fiction Across Boundar

  • Fri, 14-06-2019 at 15:00
  • Waterstone's Belfast
    44-46 Fountain Street
    BT1 5EE Belfast
BBF 2019: The Fantastical Mirror: Science Fiction Across Boundar - Waterstone's Belfast - Belfast

Join Jo Zebedee, Byddi Lee and Patrick McLaughlin to discuss science fiction in Northern Ireland.Science fiction is the 'mirror' genre, which gives a safe place to reflect on the world around us. Yet, in Northern Ireland, the genre does not have the visibility that might be expected. This panel will explore what is happening in the genre locally and why it has not, as yet, gained prominence in Northern Ireland. Is it a lack of people writing the genre, a lack of visibility for those who do, or does infrastructure and how we support writing and writers have a part to play, too? Zo Zebedee is the Belfast based author of the Abendau space opera trilogy, Innish Carriag and Water and the Wild. She is active in the science fiction community, incuding TitanCon, and teaches courses on writing science fiction and fantasy. Byddi Lee is an Armagh-based writer. She runs Flash Fiction Armagh and writes the blog 'We Didn't Come Here For The Grass". She has published short fiction and one novel, March to November. Patrick was born and raised in West Belfast. He is an independent author and owner of Starcane Press. Patrick created the Galactic Sentinel universe. He has co-authored several works including the Black Death trilogy and the Galactic Knights series. He is a co-host on the Otaku on Writing podcast, and a regular contributor to Otaku Stories.