• Robbie Williams Tribute - Main-course and show £24.50

  • Thu, 13-06-2019 at 19:00
  • Cabaret Supperclub Belfast
    38-44 Upper Arthur Street
    BT1 4GH Belfast
Robbie Williams Tribute - Main-course and show £24.50 - Cabaret Supperclub Belfast - Belfast

He’s the One’ is a remarkable tribute to the ‘millennium man’, Robbie Williams, performed by Lee Pashley, who has gained mastery in giving the audience a stunning night…Lee Pashley, has captured the hearts of many everywhere in the UK with the seventeen year old Robbie Williams Tribute show, modifying his performance to satisfy audiences of diverse age groups. ‘’He’s The One’ is exceptional in that it holds in various venues and during special events including Hotels, Clubs, Pubs, Cruise Ships, Company Conferences, Corporate Entertainment UK, Ladies Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions and Hen Parties.The one hour show brings you Robbie’s top hits throughput his music career and sassy rhythm with a background fully supported with lighting, backdrops, and even authentic tattoos.The show works in a ‘Swings Both Ways’ set – the first set being ‘Robbie Swing, while the second set is tagged, ‘Robbie Rock’.