• Trish Clowes 'My Iris' Quartet

  • Fri, 04-10-2019 at 20:00
  • Black Box
    18-22 Hill Street
    BT1 2LA Belfast
Trish Clowes 'My Iris' Quartet - Black Box - Belfast

Trish Clowes is one of the most agile and original jugglers of improv and adventurous composition, working today. Her current project ‘My Iris’ features Ross Stanley (piano/Hammond organ), Chris Montague (guitar) and James Maddren (drums), creating a sound that is thrilling and darkly funky, reminiscent of the work of Weather Report.The exhilarating mix of organ-powered funk, fast-walking swing, and bursts of free-jazz spikiness, will leave you rattled and hungry for more. This is music that feels nourishing and essential.Lauded for her imaginative approach, Clowes leads charge in the contemporary UK jazz scene. Having released two albums under ‘My Iris’ to critical acclaim (through Basho Records), the band has performed across Europe, winning fans and critics wherever they play. The most recent release ‘Ninety Degrees Gravity’ is inspired by ideas and themes from Denis Villeneuve’s science fiction film ‘Arrival’ and truly captures the familiar yet otherworldly mood.We are delighted to welcome Trish Clowes ‘My Iris’ project to Belfast this Autumn."A high intensity mercurial workout provides further evidence that Clowes is an improviser to be reckoned with"- Giovanni Russonello, Downbeat"Listen, and then listen again, if only to remind yourself that this beautiful other world really does exist"- Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3 Late Junction