• In Someone Else's Shoes - w/ Ferran Luengo

  • Thu, 01-08-2019 at 10:00
  • Accidental Theatre
    12-13 Shaftesbury Square
    BT2 7DB Belfast
In Someone Else's Shoes - w/ Ferran Luengo - Accidental Theatre - Belfast

Workshop - In Someone Else’s Shoes (Advanced)Inspired by playback theatre, this workshop is focused on using and developing our improv skills so we can take stories from the audience and elevate them into art using some basic structures and forms. We'll work with many tools for playing with symbolism and we'll learn to identify underlying emotions to take them further. The cherry on the top will be a mixer show where we'll put all these things together.FERRAN LUENGO is an actor, improviser and applied theatre practitioner from València, Spain. He juggles with improvising, scripted acting, and bringing playback theatre to diverse social collectives.*This is an advanced workshop - participants should have completed a LV3 improv course or equivalent. If unsure of suitability, please contact paul@belfastimprov.co.uk