• Celebrating the Solstice

  • Sat, 22-06-2019 at 14:00
  • Vault Artist Studios
    4-84 Tower Street
    BT5 4FH Belfast
Celebrating the Solstice - Vault Artist Studios - Belfast

Savory, fiery flavors are great to use this time of year to welcome the summer.Fresh as possible, of course, providing the energy we need for the long summer days... but we cannot avoid something a little fermented and probiotic. We will enjoy foods to celebrate the summer that mimick the sun and explore wonderful prebiotic foods to keep our microbiome happy.Our gut microbes have been changing as we integrate gut friendly foods into our diet. The diversity of our inner world is becoming apparnet as we are now rewarded with new taste and flavour explosions that fresh produce offers.Join us to enjoy the feast and take in all the new flavours of summer as we share foods that support the heartwarming months of summer.Shall we thorw a cocktail mix into the equation? Why ever not! Learn how to mix a good summer drink, especially if you have been tending to your ginger bug starter.CULTURED CLUB MEMBERS can check in via the on line memerbship to access their discount.