• The Dig + Directors & Producer Q&A

  • Thu, 09-05-2019 at 18:20
  • Queen's Film Theatre, Belfast
    20 University Square
    BT7 1PA Belfast
The Dig + Directors & Producer Q&A - Queen's Film Theatre, Belfast - Belfast

An amnesiac killer is confronted by his victim’s father, in this gripping debut feature from award-winning Irish directors Andy and Ryan Tohill.Callahan (Moe Dunford) returns to his abandoned family farm-home having served 15 years for murder. His plan to sell up and move on is thwarted by the presence of the victim’s father (Lorcan Cranitch) on his land. Convinced that Callahan buried his daughter in the bog land, the father has spent every day of the previous 15 years digging it patch by patch. Knowing the only way he’ll get him off his land, and perhaps satisfy his own alcohol-shot recollection of events, Callahan joins him in the grim task. Dark secrets eventually surface. With its handheld camerawork giving the proceedings a sense of urgency and the striking locations evoking lives tethered to the soil, The Dig draws us in with narrative momentum and a sense of place. Finely scripted by Stuart Drennan, the film surveys lives stalled by grief and trauma — and dark secrets hidden where almost no one can find them.There will be a Q&A following the Thurs 9 May screening with directors Andy and Ryan Tohill and producer Brian Falconer.