• Hannah Peel & Will Burns at CQAF

  • Sun, 05-05-2019 at 15:30
  • Black Box
    18-22 Hill Street
    BT1 2LA Belfast
Hannah Peel & Will Burns at CQAF - Black Box - Belfast

"… a damp woodand the madness, really,of a dawn chorus being taped.Our field recordings madeso we might never lose a thing."A new album of poetry and electronic music: A dislocated, slippery examination of memory, social and familial relations, landscape and our urge to both belong and move elsewhere.This is an anti-pastoral picture of a middle-England that could be anywhere, lost, empty, and beautiful even in its decaying phase.Existing and reacting off each word and sound in the studio together; with the words of poet Will Burns, the analogue electronic compositions of Hannah Peel and the overarching eye of producer Erland Cooper, all tracks were produced and recorded in its entirety within 12 hours.Scoring these strange worlds of electronic ruralism Peel says, “After only meeting Will at a few gigs before, we met at the studio to try out some ideas. Whenever he heard a sound or texture, he instinctively brought out a poem that he thought fitted the mood. It was like ‘Tone Poetry’. Equally when he read a poem to us in the studio, we reacted straight away with sound… casting away apprehensions, creating an album with no boundaries or expectations”.