• Robocobra Quartet / Meltybrains?

  • Fri, 17-05-2019 at 20:00
  • Black Box
    18-22 Hill Street
    BT1 2LA Belfast
Robocobra Quartet / Meltybrains? - Black Box - Belfast

Meltybrains? have garnered a reputation for their unabashed creativity, picking up a loyal following helping them sell out shows across Ireland, the UK and the US. The chemistry between each member on stage is infectious.While it is difficult to define the sound of the five-piece, it’s of interest to note that all members are classically trained. Since 2012, the band has been creating incredibly imaginative electronic soundscapes, and performing highly theatrical live shows with an infectious, manic energy. Their fearless approach makes for music with endless possibilities, and is incredibly refreshing in a world bound by strict structure and harmony. A must see.___________________________________________________________________Robocobra Quartet cross genre lines, drawing influence from post-punk and jazz improvisation. The band improvise not just musically, but also in their conduct – producing their own recordings and refraining from a fixed line-up. Live their performances channel-hop from moments of joy and playfulness to periods of intense fury, earning them a reputation as a must see live band, and invitations to play festivals across the world.Nods to modern classical, hardcore and free jazz battle together and often stack upon one another to create a world of unyielding ideas that constantly collapse and rebuild; often humorous, frequently pensive, sometimes muted, but always gripping.