• WW19 ~ DIY Tribe Breakfast Club

  • Thu, 06-06-2019 at 10:00
  • Oh Yeah Music Centre
    15-21 Gordon Street
    BT1 2LG Belfast
WW19 ~ DIY Tribe Breakfast Club - Oh Yeah Music Centre - Belfast

Want an even better reason not to skip breakfast? Join the Women In Music NI Breakfast Club on during Women’s Work and hosted by Female DIY Musician founder, Isobel Anderson. Each morning Isobel will be giving informal, yet incredibly useful workshops on themes ranging from imposter syndrome to marketing your music online, all with a coffee and croissants. This is an opportunity to find out more about Women In Music, what we do and how you can join this fantastic global organisation (womeninmusic.org). These events are supported by Help Musicians Northern Ireland./!\ These workshops are free but require registration /!\ It’s time to stop waiting for permission and get your music out there! Schedule as follows; THURSDAY 6th JUNE -ASSERTIVENESS IN THE STUDIOIs technology just not your strong point? Do you feel totally out of your depth around mixing desks and vocal booths? If so, you might find it hard to be assertive in the recording studio, but we’ve got you covered! In this workshop, Isobel will be diving into how to feel more confident and prepared for your next recording project.FRIDAY 7th JUNE -HOW TO FINISH YOUR SONGS (AND WHY IT’S IMPORTANT)Many, many songwriters find coming up with ideas the easy part of songwriting - it’s finishing their songs that’s tough. If this is something you’re struggling with then you’ll definitely want to come to this workshop where Isobel will be sharing some tips and insights from her own songwriting practice and experience as a songwriting tutor in London’s Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance. SATURDAY 8th JUNE -ARE YOU SUFFERING WITH IMPOSTER SYNDROME?Ever feel like some day, sooner-or-later, everyone’s going to realise just how untalented/inexperienced/untechnical/[insert other negative descriptive here] you are? Just one slip up, and your cover will be blown! If so, you may be suffering from imposter syndrome, and this workshop will show you how to overcome this very common feeling.SUNDAY 9th JUNE -SHOW YOUR EMAIL LIST SOME LOVE!Email lists are dead right? Social media’s where it’s at now? Wrong! Well, kind of. In this workshop Isobel explains why email lists are still incredibly important and how you can actively grow and nurture your own. And, don’t worry - this does link in with your social media strategy too!