• BBF19 presents Paul Mason

  • Fri, 14-06-2019 at 20:00
  • Crescent Arts Centre
    2-4 University Road
    BT7 1NH Belfast
BBF19 presents Paul Mason - Crescent Arts Centre - Belfast

Clear Bright Future: A Radical Defence Of The Human Beingwith Elizabeth Nelson GormanJoin us in welcoming renowned journalist and commentator Paul Mason back to the Belfast Book Festival, as he discusses his new book Clear Bright Future: A Radical Defence of the Human Being.In this book, Paul travels around the world trying to make sense of the threats that face humanity today, including authoritarian politicians, the destruction of verifiable truth and the rise of intelligent machines.From the riot in Washington DC during Trump’s inauguration, to a remote Pacific island whose indigenous people are struggling with the after-effects of colonialism, Paul Mason reflects upon the effects of technology in the current political climate, suggesting that it could be our saviour if only we can remain in control.Come and bask in this brilliant mind, as Paul identifies the pervasive secular fatalism that endangers humanity’s claims to agency, rights and consciousness, and suggests a solution: that humanity must rekindle a shared moral philosophy and regain a collective concept of human nature in order to shape our resistance and reassert control.