• BBF19 presents David Kogan

  • Fri, 07-06-2019 at 18:00
  • Crescent Arts Centre
    2-4 University Road
    BT7 1NH Belfast
BBF19 presents David Kogan - Crescent Arts Centre - Belfast

We are delighted to open the Belfast Book Festival 2019 with David Kogan as he discusses his new book Protest and Power.Exploring the history of the Labour party over the last 40 years, the book chronicles the continued struggle for supremacy between right and left, and asks whether the Labour party now exists only to stand as opposition or whether it might once again find power.Revealing the story from those at the centre of it, David interviews the likes of Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair, Ed Miliband and current members of Momentum, to trace the journey of the left through years of defeat, New Labour, and a surprising comeback in 2015.Join us as we ask questions such as whether the left can learn from its mistakes and overcome party-wide fissures, and whether the Labour party can save the country in these uncertain times.About the AuthorDavid Kogan has worked in the UK and US media as both a journalist and a senior executive at the BBC, Reuters Television, Granada, Reel Enterprises which he founded, Wasserman Media Group and Magnum Photos as CEO. His first book, The Battle for the Labour Party, published in 1981, remains essential reading about the Labour party.