• Beginners Digital Photography

  • Thu, 29-08-2019 at 11:00
  • Crescent Arts Centre
    2-4 University Road
    BT7 1NH Belfast
Beginners Digital Photography - Crescent Arts Centre - Belfast

This class is aimed at those new to photography wanting to improve, even if you are an absolute beginner you can attend just bring your camera manual too. We will cover ISO, shutter speed and aperture, also known as the exposure triangle. This is the core to understanding the technical elements of digital photography. We will also cover the artistic side with white balance, focusing techniques, composition, subject engagement and a whole lot more. As the class will be practical in nature, you will need a camera with the ability to change between Programme, Aperture, Shutter and Manual mode, like a DSLR, bridge or mirrorless camera. You will also need a “can do” attitude and a desire to improve as each week we will learn and practice together. The classes will be tailored to the needs of the group, but above all, they will be entertaining, thought-provoking and fun.