• Dementia Friendly: Rear Window

  • Sat, 18-05-2019 at 11:00
  • Queen's Film Theatre, Belfast
    20 University Square
    BT7 1PA Belfast
Dementia Friendly: Rear Window - Queen's Film Theatre, Belfast - Belfast

James Stewart spots something fishy going in the apartment across the courtyard, in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterly thriller.Rear Window remains one of the master of suspense’s most famous and best-loved films. In his second of four collaborations with Hitchcock, James Stewart plays L.B. Jeffries, a professional photographer with his leg in plaster who takes to spying on a neighbouring block of flats from his apartment window. Noting the rituals and idiosyncrasies of a cross-section of New Yorkers as they go about their daily lives, he soon becomes convinced that one of them, Thorwald (Raymond Burr), has murdered his wife. Not just a smart and spellbinding suspense thriller, but also a wry comment on the voyeuristic pleasures of cinema itself, Rear Window is a multi-layered delight and a genuine masterpiece. This is an inclusive screening experience for people living with dementia, their families and carers. QFT is committed to the Age-friendly Belfast Charter.