• Loaded! - Primal Scream pre and post show vibes

  • Sat, 14-12-2019 at 14:00
  • Krakatoa
    2 Trinity Quay
    AB11 5AA Aberdeen
Loaded! - Primal Scream pre and post show vibes - Krakatoa - Aberdeen

So, there's something on in town tonight... what was it again...?Something at the Music Hall, am I right? For all your pre-gig meets, greets and cheeky pints: Krakatoa have got you covered this autumn!Aberdeen's greatest and most legendary jukebox is yours all day and night! Do with it as you will!Thousands of albums, all in perfect clarity through our enormous sound system!Plus! Literally hundreds of amazing things to drink if you need to get warmed up for the show. Or warmed up from the weather.ENJOY THE SHOW!!!... AND REMEMBER: If you need a nightcap after all the excitement of Primal Scream - well, we're open until 3am as usual.We do coffee too, should it be required...FINALLY, in case there's any doubt, this is UNOFFICIAL AS FUCK.Don't expect the band to be in down in Krakatoa buying you pints, or owt... Not that we've barred them, or anything.P.S. There's a link to the actual gig in the 'discussion' section of this event - in case anyone's missed it. Have a great night!