• Warhammer Aberdeen Tale of Gamers 2020

  • Thu, 26-12-2019 at 11:00
  • Warhammer - Aberdeen
    12 -14 Upper Kirkgate
    AB10 1BA Aberdeen
Warhammer Aberdeen Tale of Gamers 2020 - Warhammer - Aberdeen - Aberdeen

Tale of gamers 2020Warhammer AberdeenBegins: Boxing Day 26th DecemberNew Year! New Army!! It is time again folks for us to start getting ready for that annual tradition at Warhammer Aberdeen – Tale of Gamers! This year we are making a few changes to the format to make sure that both Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar get their fair share of time spent on each other and you as hobbyists can focus your time and energy on one system at a time and take your time to create some great looking armies!Stage 1Warhammer 40,000: January and February will be dedicated to 40K for Tale of Gamers 2020. Your target will be to paint at least 500 Points each month giving you a minimum of a 1000 points painted force at the end of February. This year we have added a second monthly challenge to paint an extra 250 points on top of your first 500, giving you a whopping 1500 points painted in two months! Those that manage this will be handsomely rewarded!! We have a bunch of event days planned around this part of Tale of Gamers, including our new for 2020 event Fill The Skies, which will all lead up to our annual Apocalypse Valentines Day Massacre. At the end of February we will have our TOG:2020 Tournament for 40K and all the events you’ve taken part in up to that point will have unlocked bonuses for the tournament giving you an edge over your opponents. The tournament will be a Battle Forged event so take that into account when your building and painting your army.Stage 2Age of Sigmar: March and April will focus on AOS for Tale of Gamers 2020. Your targets will be the same, paint 500 points each month with a Matched Play tournament at the end of April. For this tournament you will need a minimum of two Battle line units and a max of five Heroes and three Artillery/Behemoths. We will have a campaign planned around this part of TOG:2020 which like the 40K version will unlock upgrades and bonuses for the tournament at the end.As always the cabinets will be emptied and when you finish your models for your armies you can display them in our cabinets for all to see. Where going to have some amazing miniatures available going into 2020 and we can’t wait to see what you guys are going to put together for us.More info about each of the stages of TOG:2020 will be announced in the new year but for now lets start planning that first 500 points!As always check with staff if you have any questions and we will be glad to help.